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    Thank you so much for coming! :)

Loving all my 2014 Seniors!

This is my first class of seniors and I am totally just blown away by how much I am loving these sessions. Senior photography is definitely something that I want to specialize in and I am so blessed to have such a great first class! So thank you ladies for letting me be apart of such a great time in your lives..


fresh and perfect

I am sooooo loving all my newborns lately. I’ve quickly discovered that they are my favorite to shoot! Here are a few of my favorites from the last two sessions, enjoy:)

How stunning is big sister!?

Baby Benjamin

5 days new…

I am so having to fight the baby fever burn after getting to love and capture sweet 5 day old Benjamin. His mom is a dear friend and I just had the best time during our session. He was a strong little man but I guess he has to be with twin one year old siblings! I am so happy that I got to capture these special moments for him.

He loved eating his hands

Welch Family Christmas

So it has been a little crazy around here with lots of family in town and 3 little ones ( bloody noses, a dead tooth.. yep, head gashes ect.. it’s never a dull moment with us!)  :) But I wanted to share some precious pictures I took from our family shoot in my studio…

starting with my personal favorite.. the “goofy” faces of a 4 and 2 yr old.. lol Luke’s face is hilarious to me, I imagine him.. “mom, dad- someone’s going to save me from them right?!

they can smile too…

and my happy boys! I love how Luke is sitting here looking totally posed. May just be my most favorite picture EVER, handsome x4!

and finally.. the one that made the Christmas card, truly a Christmas miracle that all 10 eyes are on the camera since it was shot with the self timer:)

… I’m just happy that you can’t hear me panting in the picture from sprinting back and forth;)next investment.. a remote!

One of the big things I want to get better and more consistent at in this new year is blogging.. every shoot I do will not have it’s own blog post. I’m really looking forward to this and am looking forward to a sweet family shoot Saturday!